How long is a bowling lane?

A bowling lane is 42 inches wide and 60 feet long, with the length being measured from the foul line to the head pin. Estimated construction costs to build one bowling lane is $45,000 per lane according to Home Advisor.

To put 60 feet into perspective…

  • In baseball, the distance between the pitching mound and home plate is 60 feet, 6 inches away from the back point of home plate
  • On the football field, 60 feet would put you at the 20-yard line ready to enter the red zone to score
  • 60 feet is about one-fifth as tall as The Statue of Liberty
  • A bowling lane is one-and-two-fifths times as tall as a Brachiosaurus, or for you modern day animal buffs, it’s about three times as tall as a Giraffe