Dexter SST 8 Bowling Shoe Review

Are you looking for a pair of bowling shoes that are chic, comfortable and yet incredibly stylish? In case you are, the Dexter SST 8 bowling shoes are your best bet. Dexter has always been at the top of their game in terms of bowling shoes, and their latest SST 8 variant isn’t any exception. Featuring soft, and incredibly comfortable nylon uppers along with a leather drag toe protector for complete durability- this is just the kind of shoe you always wanted. Once you get the SST, bowling games will be fun, easy and way more enjoyable. In case you’re planning to splurge on these shoes and are wondering if they are really worth the shot, here’s a full review of dexter SST 8. As you read through, you will get to know why exactly you need these shoes in your wardrobe.

Features At A Glance

While the dexter SST 8 bowling shoes comes with plenty of great features, in this section we are going to underline the most relevant ones from the lot.

Comfort- When it comes to ergonomics, there’s no way you can go wrong with the Dexter SST 8. This Dexter bowling shoe features perfectly crafted soft uppers. This means, your feet will be comfortable and airy even when you wear the shoes for long hours. Since these uppers are also crafted from full grain, there’s absolutely no issue with the texture either. This is one shoe that’ll totally live up to your expectations both in terms of comfort and texture.

Dexter SST 8 Pro Bowling Shoes Check price Dexter SST 8 Pro Bowling Shoes We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: May 13, 2019

Excellent Traction- If you’re an avid bowler you’d know that there’s practically no better feeling than bowling several rounds of successful strikes. And guess what? The dexter SST 8 shoes help you exactly with this. Since the shoes offer exceptional traction, you can comfortably move around in them without any hiccups or glitches. They will support you during your longest bowling sessions, further ensuring that you make the most from each of them. These are a pair of shoes that ace both the support and traction game.

Interchangeable Soles- Yet another defining aspect of these shoes are its interchangeable soles. But what do these soles do in the first place? Well, the idea is pretty simple: with interchangeable soles, the shoes will comfortably accommodate right and left-handed players so that they are able to tweak the slide to their preferred foot. Since the traction on the non-slide shoes can be replaced, you can always replace it when it wears a little. T this instance, you will not be required to replace your entire shoe.

Customer Reviews- There’s practically no point in buying a shoe that isn’t highly rated by customers. And this is exactly why you need to get these pair of shoes from Dexter. The customer reviews regarding these shoes have been pretty rave and going by every other feature they seem to completely worth your money. People love these shoes for the degree of comfort they offer and going by the reviews they definitely seem to be worth your money.

Incredibly durable- Yes, like we already mentioned, these Dexter bowling shoes are also pretty durable. What’s more, for better and more consistent push off, these shoes are backed by sidewalls that are made from non-marking rubber. This in turn will protect the soles of your shoes while also working on the midsole and the sides. There’s also a drag protector that is tailored to prevent the side from peeling off as and when you play aggressively. So if you’re looking for a perfect combination of style and comfort, this is one of the best shoes to bank on.

Why should you Get These Shoes?

If you’re looking for professional grade bowling shoes, this is definitely one of the best products out there. These shoes aren’t just stylish, but they are also sleek, comfortable and incredibly durable.

What we loved most about these shoes is the very fact that they offer exceptional slide and traction in addition to being comfy and durable. So if you’re looking to stand out on lanes, these are the best shoes to opt for. The shoes also look exceptionally well with their soft-grain leather uppers that offer the maximum degree of support to your feet. Additionally, they are also quite comfortable.

As we mentioned earlier, the interchangeable sole construction of the shoes allows you to tweak and manage the slides according to your preference. They are tailored to accommodate both left as well as right handed players. This means, you can always move the slide to your preferred foot. Since the traction on the non-slide variants are completely replaceable you won’t have to replace the whole shoe when they start wearing out.

In terms of durability too, this shoe is up in game with its non-marking rubber. This rubber alone protects the soles, sides as well s the midsole. What’s more, there’s also a drag protector that prevents the slide from peeling back as you play more aggressively. Teaming up the best degree of comfort and style, this is hands down one of the best bowling shoes in the market right now.

P.S- These shoes are completely true to size, and while they might seem stiff when you wear them for the first time, they’ll soon get more comfortable with regular usage. These shoes fit really well, and going by everything else they are absolutely worth every penny.


Made from perfectly soft, full-grain leather. Offers a high degree of traction. Comes with non-marking sidewalls. Backed by drag protector. Sole can be changed as and when you need to.


While there aren’t many major con with this product, users feel these shoes would have been better if they came with more options for heels and soles. Other than this, the shoes are pretty perfect in terms of both looks and functionality.

Bottom Line

Well, now that you practically know everything about the Dexter bowling SST shoes, get them right away to enjoy better and more comfortable rounds of bowling.

Dexter SST 8 Pro Bowling Shoes Check price Dexter SST 8 Pro Bowling Shoes We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: May 13, 2019

These shoes won’t merely up your bowling game but will further ensure that you get to make the most of every round. Since the customer reviews about the shoes are equally rave, we would definitely suggest you to go for it without second thoughts.